Exterior doors

The first thing, which draws our guests’ attention are the exterior doors that are the pride of our house. They should, therefore, be clean, stable, strong and well-insulated, should be an effective barrier against intruders, and also play an important utilitarian and aesthetic function of our home.

We managed to combine all these qualities for external doors which are produced through the use of precious natural materials such as wood. We have a wide collection of standard designs, but we also realise custom orders.

Features of wooden exterior doors:
  • Features of wooden exterior doors
  • doorpost of glued pine, oak or mahogany wood
  • Both sides laminated timber leaf (pine, meranti) with a thickness of 68mm with wooden panels or with beech plywood with insulated waterproof polyurethane foam
  • doors painted with four coating system paint, of Sigma Coatings by azure template, RAL and NCS
  • simple girdling strip or in a retro style
  • our hinges of OTLAVA Ø20 with Teflon inserts adjustable in three planes
  • double seal (leaf and the frame) Q-LON with increased acoustics
  • MACO Z-TS mortise lock for 2 inserts + 2 hooks, resistance class WK2
  • WILKA attested inserts with one key system
  • 2 security locka from the hinge

In the case of glass doors we use glazing 4/12/4/12/4 (heat frame SWISSPACER) with low-emissivity glass and argon gas with heat transfer coefficient U = 1.0 W/m2K


We offer a wide range of safety glass, burglar alarm, decorative, cut, ornamented, stained glass and hand-painted, handles, signboards on request, dimensions and designs on request

Our doors are available in the following colors **:

**Individual colour of wood and paint thickness have a significant effect on the final colour of the shell. Presented coloring patterns are for illustration only and may not be used as patterns of colour.