Invite to your home

The first thing our guests pay attention to is external doors, which are the showcase of our home. Therefore, they should be aesthetic, stable, strong and well insulating, they should constitute an effective barrier against uninvited guests, and at the same time fulfill an important functional and aesthetic function of our home.

All these features were combined in the case of external doors manufactured thanks to the use of a noble natural raw material, wood. Our offer includes a rich collection of standard designs, but we also accept non-standard orders.

Characteristics of wooden external doors:
  • door frame made of glued pine wood, oak
  • door leaf made of glued wood, veneered on both sides (pine, meranti), 68 mm thick, with wooden panels or waterproof beech plywood panels insulated with polyurethane foam
  • doors painted with a four-coat system with PPG paints according to the azure, RAL and NCS patterns
  • straight or retro style banding strips
  • four hinges with Teflon inserts adjustable in three planes
  • double seal (leaf and frame) Q-LON with increased acoustics
  • MACO Z-TS strip lock for 2 inserts + 2 hooks, WK2 resistance class
  • 2 anti-burglary locks on the hinge side
  • wooden or aluminum threshold
  • in the case of glass doors, we use 4/12/4/12/4 glass packages (SWISSPACER warm frame) with low-emission glass and argon with a heat transfer coefficient of U=1.0 W/m2K
  • we offer a wide selection of safety, anti-burglary, decorative, cut, ornamental, stained glass and hand-painted glass
  • way of opening inwards, outwards
  • door opening direction right, left
  • handles, bars or signs according to the customer’s wishes***



Colors available:

**The individual color of the wood and the thickness of the varnish layer have a significant impact on the final color of the coating. The presented colors are for illustration purposes only and cannot be used as color patterns.