Flat entrance doors

Front doors separate the rooms inside the property from the outside. This may be a stairway or entrance to a complex of offices inside a larger building. Entrance doors are used in places where the acoustic or burglar requirements are increased.

Thanks to the design solutions doors can be fitted as an opening to the inside or outside of the room.

We produce wooden doors on the basis of our unique technologies based on many years of experience. Special emphasis is placed on the quality of wood used in production of the door. Entrance doors which are meant for flats are products of the highest quality. We have also developed our own design of products.

Double strip lock, two inserts, the viewfinder and the system of fixed burglar pins from the hinge give full security of the protected house, room.

All our doors are adjusted to the dimension of the hole in the wall at no extra charge!!

Standard equipment:

• mortise lock for 2 inserts

• wooden frame with Q-lon gasket with increased acoustics

• bottom sign with the handle and top rosette

• 2 GERDA inserts

• 2 burglar pins

• threshold of hardwood

• threshold with seal strip

• viewfinder

• quarter round wood on both sides

• 3 OTLAVA hinges adjustable in three planes with teflon lining

Additional accessories:

• adjustable frame + regular girdling strip or in retro style

• WILKA Class C attested inserts with one key system

• MACO Z-TS mortise lock for 2 inserts + 2 hooks, resistance class WK2

• widescreen viewfinder

• additional burglar pin

• additional OTLAVA hinge adjustable in three planes with teflon lining

Do wyboru mamy:

Flat models: 48 mm thick pine wooden structure filled with heat insulating layer topped with two MDF plates coated with veneer plates, whose surface is coated with clear Sigma Coatings lacquer

Milled models: 42 mm thick pine wooden structure made of solid laminated pine, oak or mahogany wood. The surface is painted with technique of transparent painting (azure) of Sigma Coatings

Our doors are available in the following colors **:

**Individual colour of wood and paint thickness have a significant effect on the final colour of the shell. Presented coloring patterns are for illustration only and may not be used as patterns of colour.