EURO 68 windows

Characteristics of EURO 68 windows:
  • single window structure
  • 1 class glued laminated timber (pine, oak, mahogany) with dimensions of 72mm x 86mm
  • painted with four-coating system paint with the impregnation and thrice painted with waterborne paint Sigma Coatings by azure template, RAL and NCS
  • ROMB, MACO envelope ferrule with micro-ventilation
  • aluminum drip edge in the window frame and sash (glazed)
  • Q-LON  seal mounted in the leaf
  • At the request we install in-glass sash, imposed or structural
  • glazing 4/16/4 with low-emissivity glass and argon gas with heat transfer coefficient U = 1.0 W/m2K (acoustic insulation for standard package Rw = 31 dB)
  • We offer burglar-proof glass, sound-absorbing, matt and patterned, self-cleaning, tempered
  • Type of opening:
    • casement
    • tilt and turn
    • bottom hung casement
    • casement door
    • fixed glass
    • HS lift-slide casement door
  • dimensions and designs on request

Our windows are available in the following colors **:

**Individual colour of wood and paint thickness have a significant effect on the final colour of the shell. Presented coloring patterns are for illustration only and may not be used as patterns of colour.