Interior doors

Wooden interior doors provide an excellent complement to every attractive home. Even the best-designed interior, with no high quality door will not look good and will not raise the prestige of the owner. That is why we offer our wood interior doors, which certainly will improve the beauty of any home.

Characteristics of interior doors:
  • • the availability of the door in the rebated and non-rebated system

    • laminated frame (pine, meranti)

    • Both sides laminated timber leaf (pine, meranti) filled with panels of solid or glued wood, or decorative glass

    • moldings

    • frame with threshold or without

    • doors can be ordered with frames of the width of the wall both sides slat

    • doors painted with 3-coating system, impregnated and twice painted by Sigma Coatings azure template, RAL and NCS

    • Q-LON seal pressed into the frame

    • 3 OTLAVA hinges with teflon lining adjustable in three planes for rebated doors

    • 2 ARGENTA hinges used for non-rebated doors

    • one key lock and bathroom lock with a pitch of 72mm or 90mm

    • Ventilation holes in the door of bathroom

    • wide collection of ornamental glass, frosted safe P2, tempered, polished and stained glass

    • dimensions and designs on request


Our doors are available in the following colors **:

**Individual colour of wood and paint thickness have a significant effect on the final colour of the shell. Presented coloring patterns are for illustration only and may not be used as patterns of colour.