Interior doors

Wooden interior doors are a perfect complement to any good interior. Even the best-designed interior without doors of the right class will not look good and will not increase the prestige of the owner. That is why we have prepared wooden interior doors in our offer, which will certainly enhance the beauty of any interior.

Characteristics of interior doors:
  • availability of doors in rebated and non-rebated systems
  • glued wood door frame (pine, oak)
  • door leaf made of glued wood, faced on both sides, filled with panels of solid wood, glued wood or decorative glass
  • finishing strips
  • door frame with or without a threshold
  • Possibility to order doors with frames the width of the wall, stripped on both sides
  • doors painted with a 3-coat system, impregnated and painted twice with PPG paints according to the azure, RAL and NCS patterns
  • seal pressed into the frame
  • 3 hinges with Teflon insert adjustable in three planes for rebated doors
  • 3 hinges adjustable in three planes used for non-rebated doors
  • single key, insert and bathroom lock with a spacing of 72 mm
  • ventilation cut in the bathroom door
  • a large selection of ornamental glass, frosted P2 safety glass, tempered glass, polished glass and stained glass
  • dimensions and designs at the customer’s request
  • way of opening inwards, outwards
  • door opening direction right, left
  • door handles, according to the customer’s wishes***

*** ask about availability and price

We have a choice:


Colors available:

**The individual color of the wood and the thickness of the varnish layer have a significant impact on the final color of the coating. The presented colors are for illustration purposes only and cannot be used as color patterns.